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Shoelace circle head, lift to take line rope a head two use the machine-LL-Ⅱ

 This machine is a specialized machine for different kinds of shoelace round tip and reticule rope eave tile,which is perfectly designed with advanced moulds.It changed the complicated technics of processing,it combined shaping plastic pieces and tying up together.What's more,it is also equipped with advanced counting devices,which multiplied the production efficiency.It is an ideal machine for the production of shoelace round tip and reticule rope eave tile.


 This machine is divided into four types,theoretically,take eight hours as a unit,the output could be as follows:

LL-II      rope length 300-1600mm

            unit production 20000-26000 pieces

Main technical parameters:

power: 220V (380V)    50HZ
Motor  power: 1.5KW (1.1KW)
Electric power: 0.1KW