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      JinYun longli County of Machinery Co., Ltd., founded in early 2003, Jin is the predecessor of Yunxian Lung Machine Factory (built in 1998), to build the initial casting, machining gray cast iron main, employees of the factory after years of effort, according to the market demand and the development of the situation, the Company adopted the ISO 9001 : 2000 international standard quality system certification, with the Chinese "dragon", "long" and "Long Rieter" and the English "LONGLI", "LONGLY" "LONG LEADER" and other registered trademarks, production scale and Casting Workshop increase the cupola and large vehicles, machine shop of a large increase lathe, planer, milling, drilling and grinding machines. the mill area expanded to more than 20,000 square meters, will be completed, covering 8,800 square meters of garden-like plant, fixed assets to over 1,300 million products from a single casting processing, the development of woodworking machinery, woodworking blades, metal cutting machinery, machine Longjing tea and tea speculation shoelaces head for the bag straps hook line first in the manufacture and sale of aircraft.
      2008 February, again the successful development produces:Have the magic metal alloy the on behalf copper metal alloy that it call.That product is every kind of machine to suffer the dint and bear to whet the copper casts a piece the ideal acts for the material, the important spare parts, anti- in high strength, thin wall in in keeping with manufacturing chafes of bearing and whetting spare parts, stalk set, air pressure and liquids press accessories, industry equipments and agriculture machine tool spare parts, conveyance vehicles with the passenger car spare parts.
      2008 year ends release the crystal machine again: the crystal engraves grinds the machine, crystal surface of sphere glues the knot machine.Become to gather the high-tech material, cast, the machine processes, machine manufacturing sale is the diversified business enterprise of the integral whole.Our aim is:Trustworthiness- lasting wealth
  Our aim is:Trustworthiness- lasting wealth
   The company committed at home and abroad are welcome new and old customers coming patrons.